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How To Cool Stomach Heat?

A lot of times when we consume too much of spicy food like prawns, hot coffee,spicy nuts and meats, or consume hot and dehydrating substances like cigarettes, alcohol, etc…our stomach heats up causing burning sensation and a belly fire like feeling, it is because of the stomach gets acidic because of these substances.

We need to look out for the symptoms of stomach heat, in order to cure them, here are a few symptoms you might come across and some tips to solve this problem,

  • Early symptoms : Stomach heat problems are know to have some immediate effects on human body, like  it will burn stomach fluids causing thirsty feeling, dry mouth and even constipation or diarrhea.
  • Burning Sensation : Heat sensation leads to burning feeling because of stomach acidity which can also lead to loss of appetite and dry mouth symptoms.
  • Gastric Pain : Stomach acidity and gastritis, as the stomach heats up it burns out all the energy and will easily digest food, this can be one reason to feel constantly hungry.
  • Regurgitation & Vomiting : Stomach heat will cause problems like regurgitation, nausea and vomiting,in many cases drinking more water is strongly advisable.
  • Bad Breath & Pain or Bleeding Gums : with the fire in the belly the person would loose appetite and would get bad breath due to the indigestion.

Treatment for most Stomach Problems 

Stomach problems can be counter acted with firstly not consuming any kind of Hot Foods, which are hot in heat and also natural heat in the food itself, it will be advisable to help clean the stomach lining by consuming more of fiber rich and cool and raw foods like fruits and vegetables

  • Alkaline foods which will help regulate the stomachs acidity problem are recommended during this time foods like Oat Meal, Rice and drinks like Green tea are ideal.
  • It is advisable to eat a lot of cooling foods like cucumber, watermelons,mangoes, banana,spinach, etc.. to help cool the stomach, raw cabbage and other vegetable juices is recommended to aid the process.
  • Fluid Intake should be increased, as compared to solid and dense foods, drinking various types of juices made from vegetables and fruits is the best food to counter the burning sensation in stomach.
  • Breathing Exercise can also help in this situation and provide instant relief from the pain and burning sensation, exercise would include deep breathing through your left nostril and taking inn as much air as possible to fill up the stomach, you need to feel the breath enter your body and hit the burning spot in the stomach, then you can slowly exhale with the right nostril and feel refreshed and rejuvenated, In your Mind you need to think that the air you are breathing is cooling the stomach and refreshing.
  • Drinking Peppermint + Ginger + Lemon juice twice or thrice during the day can aid the situation, as the ingredients will have a cooling effect on stomach and would aid digestion, and boost metabolism.

This will help aid the stomach ace and burning feeling because of acidity, or stomach fire, consumption of cool and digestive foods is advisable in form of raw food or juices.

Hope these tips were useful in solving your stomach ace problems, if you think this is useful and share-worthy information to help your friends and family counter similar stomach ace problems, feel free to share to your favorite social platform and follow our page.

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