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Here is why you should stop drinking

Drinking is a social activity, you meet people. I’ve even had people who don’t trust others who don’t drink. Everyone has been an occasional drinker. Everyone remembers their first drink fondly. Drinking is quite important in the marketing field, the amount of business opportunities at the bar are tremendous. And with a drink in hand you seem more approachable, not my words but a close friend of mine.

Everyone’s curiosity with drinking picks up with maybe your older cousins drinking, your parents drinking or simply because the ‘cool’ kids in the TV soap operas are drinking or maybe a friend who swears how great you feel once you’ve had some alcohol.

That being said, alcohol is probably the only drug you have to justify not taking. And it isn’t helping you either. It’s probably the second best thing you can do to help your body, first would be to quit smoking.

Drinking won’t satisfy you:

I have heard these expressions quite a lot of times, I’m drinking to help relieve the stress or drinking because you’re heartbroken, I call bullsh*t. You will never get over the emotions by suppressing them. A bottle of wine or some whiskey isn’t suddenly going to make your problems go away, it will just leave you feeling hungover.

Drinking isn’t good for your health:

Like I said before quitting drinking will be good for your health, when you do drink you will surely come up with how red wine is good for health or how drinks taken in limitation are actually good for health, well red wine has carcinogenic properties and anything that makes you feel like sh*t cant be good for your body.

Alcohol makes you dumb:

Alcohol makes your brain function slower, I’m sorry to say this, okay maybe I’m not, but alcohol makes you dumb, there is no such thing as a smart drunk. I say this from my experience as well as everyone around me who’s ever drank. It’s quite straight forward, alcohol makes you take dumb decisions and makes you act dumber.

You will be happier without it:

Trust me on this one, rather than the act itself the very part of thinking of doing it will get you giddy, or whatever you were drinking for in the first place. The act of ordering a drink or removing it from the fridge will do the work. You don’t need alcohol to make you happy, but if you think you do you will be miserable without it. Try to feel the emotions don’t suppress them by drowning them in wine. Your life will be fun without booze.

All in the end, if this intrigues you, give it a try, there is nothing really glamorous about spending your time with a glass of wine or beer in your hand and it won’t make you look cool. You may like it and you would be doing your body a favor, and if all the reasons above didn’t convince you, alcohol is just too many calories, do it for the time you spend working out, trust me you won’t regret it, I promise.

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