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11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat

A very under-rated trick before hitting any kind of workout, is to drink at least 500-600 ml of water, this will not only


-even if you r slightly dehydrated your performance is gonna b decreased and so is the blood volume decreased
– a decrease in blood volume leads to an incomplete supply of oxygen to the muscles


– the body looses fluid when we sweat, this body fluid even leaks out sodium, potassium , magnesium and other electrolytes

– you might think i drink Gatorade or other kinda energy drinks during or before workouts, why do i need more electrolytes.

Gatorade is a plain sugar supplement with no electrolytes what so ever, so make sure u stack some electrolytes and enjoy a complete workout.

Adverse effects, there are many including strokes and sudden death of not drinking enough water include;
– Digestive Disorders,
– Skin Roughness,
– Bladder Malfunctioning
– kidney Problems

Some immediate side effects would include feeling like fatigue, and even headaches.
We all need enough water as much as the air or oxygen we breathe in! Keeping your body hydrated is one of the top most priority and should not be considered as a joke.

Did you know that dehydration actually sets in just before you start feeling thirsty? Sipping water throughout the day is the best way to handle it. Always have a bottle or a glass of water handy! If you’re not a morning person, having two glasses of water right after you wake up will boost up your blood pressure to normal levels, and it’s way healthier than having your first coffee on an empty stomach.

Many of us believe that merely drinking fluids like sweetened juices, soda or tea will hydrate you as well as water does. This is not true. It’s actually the opposite! To deal with the excess sugar and salt you are taking in your body wastes immense amounts of precious water just to clean it out from your system. And if you love your coffee, make sure to drink one extra glass of water for every cup you have.

Drinking water regularly speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel more ‘full’. You will eat less once you start drinking more! It’s the safest and healthiest way to lose weight. Drink up!

Check out this info-graphic image we found on the subject

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