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How to deal with Stress

Stress cannot be avoided. All of us end up stressed sooner or later, sometime in life. Stress has now become a part of our daily lives and we need to learn to cope with it.

So what exactly is stress?

The medical explanation for stress is that stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. It means anything that poses a threat to our wellbeing can be recognised as stress. It causes the nervous system to release the stress hormones, include those like cortisol, which are used by the body to take emergency action.

So stress is a feeling that we have when we are under pressure or under constant pressure.

What happens when we are stressed?

When we are under stress, it arises the body’s primitive response of flight or fight, some other well know changes that occur in the body include the steady rise of blood pressure.  Rapid heartbeat and Shortness of breath are the most common symptoms that indicate your body is under stress.

Many other symptoms include the tensing of muscles, not getting enough sleep at night, as the rate of awareness is increased.

The internal changes that happen to the body except just for the rise in blood pressure is that the digestive system slows down and our immunity decreases.

Stress causing agents are different for different people, some time it is what happens to you, say maybe a broken bone or some calamity and for others it is the situation itself which causes stress.

So we have established that stress is bad for you.

But how do we control stress?

What should you do so you don’t end up stress or how can you calm yourself when you are stressed, because let’s face it, most of us are stressed constantly, most of the times. For everyone and anyone who is or was stressed, we know that stress is not the actual problem here, but rather, it is all about how we actually respond to stress

Thus the saying that each and every one of us will react to stress differently.

It is all in the mind, we can react better to stress and make use of resources to deal with the problem causing stress if we know who to calm ourselves when we are stressed out.

Except for those problems mentioned above, stress can actually take a major toll on your health.

Some of the things that happen to the body when we are stressed include but are not limited to excessive sweating, pain in the whole back, sharp chest pains, stress is also known to cause obesity among children.

The more shocking list includes everything from muscle spams to erectile dysfunction, headaches, fainting and so many more, the list is endless.

The most common feelings that a person feels when stressed includes those of anger, anxiety, nervousness, depression, restlessness, fatigue and loss of concentration.

Stress in your comfort zone will help you perform under pressure, if it is outside of your comfort zone there are ways to deal with the same, but you will end up being moody, depressive and damaging your relationships.


Being under constant pressure will cause something know as chronic stress which is not good for the body or for your mental help and needs medical attention immediately.

Some of the symptoms that arise from chronic stress include memory loss, poor judgement, constant worry and the glass is half empty attitude.

One of the best ways to know if you are under stress or chronic stress is when we start using alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or hallucinates to relax.


When you are stressed one of the easiest way to relax is to indulge in one of the five senses that we have, be it taste, smell or sight. I find indulging in the scent of fresh lavenders or chamomile help me relax, it might be something as simple as a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee.

But there are other ways to deal with stress which just need you to be mindful, so next time you find yourself in a stressful situation or stressing out, try one of these mindful techniques to calm yourself down.

Improve your thoughts with meditation:

One of the most common reasons because of which we are generally stressed out is because of the negative thoughts that seem to pop up in our head without any warnings.

Improve your thoughts with Meditation.
Improve your thoughts with Meditation.

Learn to control these thoughts and achieve a very peaceful mind state with the help of meditation, give yourself a break and meditate for at least five minutes every day, as you find the right type of meditation for you, you will be able to increase the time you meditate, don’t forget to empty your mind and breathe deeply.

Positive Affirmations:

It is often said that we are what we want to be, when dealing with a negative thought or a comment, look at its root and from where it comes from and why and take the necessary steps to correct it.

On a smaller time scale, you can counteract the negative thoughts or words with positive ones and believe that you will be able to overcome the hurdles.

When life throws hurdles at you do not feel dejected and ask ‘why me?’ Rather be positive by saying ‘try me’

Change your negative thinking:

Most of our stress comes from negative thinking.

I call this the worst case scenario where we usually stress and get worried over anything and everything thinking about the wildest possibilities which may not necessarily be true.

Believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself.

You are your only limit.

Focus your attention elsewhere:

If something is stressing you out bad, I generally advice people to stop doing whatever they are doing, just stop, drop it for at least fifteen minutes.


Go out take a walk, feel the breeze or go eat an ice cream, when you are feeling calm enough, go sort it all out again.


One of the most important thing to do in any stressful situation is to be relaxed and remain calm, take deep breaths, calming your mind and helping it feel refreshed. Stress will not do you any good and you stressing out over a stressful situation will not change it unless you approach it will a relatively calmer mind,

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